• Subscriber A person, organization or company that pays for the Satway Pro service.

    Contact A person who has a satellite phone and uses it in Satway Pro.

    +alias Unique alias associated to the contact, allows search the contact without knowing their name or phone number.

    User A person who has a smartphone (Android & IOS) and communicates to the contacts.

    Username Text identifier used in sending messages. It is not unique for users, can be repeated.

    Account Information saved on the Satway Pro system concerning the subscriber, contacts and associated users.

    Account Manager Person who manages the Satway Pro account. It belongs to the subscriber or contact to perform the account management.

    Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya (MSS) Mobile satellite operators.

  • Satway Pro is a mobile satellite service that integrates two-way text & voice messages and satellite geolocation. It works with Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya satellite phones within their coverage areas.

    Main features

    Reliable: location data and messages from the contacts are sent via the Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya satellite networks. Satway Pro helps share information interpersonally, promotes mobile satellite technology and improves quality of life.

    Easy and simple to use: Use the GNSS function and transmit your coordinates easily. Write a text message or, if you need to transmit more information, record a voice message, avoiding the problem of missed calls or absent recipients.

    Economical: Communicate with your loved ones, friends and colleagues all at once with one simple message. Any person you invite will always be connected to you free.

  • We decided to provide the market with a definitive solution to the common, recurring problems affecting satellite phone users, such as:

    1- No commercial agreements between mobile satellite operators and GSM carriers.

    2- Difficulty to stay easily in contact with the user personal and professional, environment as family members, friends or colleagues.

    3- There is no easy way to communicate with a satellite phone user in a remote zone.

    4- Low bandwidth internet is possible with a satellite phone, however establishing connections is costly and it takes time to connect to the satellites.

  • Two-way satellite messaging

    Satway Pro is a mobile satellite service that integrates two-way text & voice messages and geolocation anywhere on the planet. It connects your satellite phone in remote areas to your loved ones via an app. Available for IOS and Android.


    Simply send a message with your GNSS position coordinates; your guest users will receive the position with a map icon. If they select the GNSS icon, the date and time received will appear in UTC format.

    Voice messages

    Do you need to send a lot of information in a single message, avoiding the 160-character text message limit? Don’t worry: make a call and record a message. Your guest users will then receive your voice message.

    Group Chats (1-10)

    Invite your loved ones, friends and colleagues when you are away. Communicate with all of them at once with one simple message. All your group users will be able to respond and follow your conversations free.

    Trusted Users

    On completion of the registration process, only your guest users will receive the invitation to use the service by downloading the free Satway Pro app. At this stage they will be ready to message you wherever you are.

    Free & easy to use

    Simply write a text message, call and record a voice message or acquire a GNSS position on the satellite phone and transmit it to Satway Pro number. Everyone on the other end is always connected to you easily and free of charge.

    Public & private

    2 possibilities when writing a message:

    Public: all messages from a contact or users will be visible for the whole group.

    Private: all messages sent to the contact will not be visible to other users.

    Guaranteed Privacy

    We guarantee the proper delivery of messages through our own infrastructure, deleting them after they have been delivered, except for GNSS positions. We keep these for 180 days for security & rescue purposes.

    Unique identification feature

    One unique +alias for you. This feature makes it possible to reach you by other satellite contacts or users not invited without knowing your voice number or registered name. The alias is confidential except for your group chat users.

    Satellite to satellite

    The service allows you to send a direct text message if necessary to other satellite contacts without knowing the satellite phone number. Introduce the +alias of the contact into the body of the message and send; our server will deliver it.

    Reliable satellite networks

    All messages and data location are sent with a satellite terminal over the Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya networks. The service operates on a global scale depending on the coverage of each satellite operator.

    Twitter & Facebook

    Integration of social media channels for contacts wanting the option to connect their Twitter or Facebook accounts to the service. All text messages sent to Satway Pro number will be published automatically.

  • Satway Pro is for professional or leisure mobile satellite phone users who have Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya satellite phones, such as:

    Individuals travelling and working in remote areasHumanitarian aid or rescue organization workers
    Adventurers, skiers, hikers, mountain climbers4X4 rallies,International staff on missions abroad
    Sailors, fishermen, fishing boats, sailing boat, yacht skippersDivers, pilots,Oil and electricity or alternative energy companies
    Professionals in disasters, forest fires, floodsExpeditions, races, sport events
    Businessmen with high geographical mobilitySecurity Companies
  • With Satway Pro, you can share your location and experiences with your family, friends or colleagues. Satway Pro allows any person invited by you to receive your text messages, listen to voice messages, view your location and communicate free wherever you are.

  • Anywhere on the planet within the coverage of each satellite operator: Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya.

  • A satellite telephone, satellite phone, or satphone is a type of mobile phone that connects to orbiting satellites instead of terrestrial cell sites. They provide similar functionality to terrestrial mobile phones; voice, short messaging service and low-bandwidth internet.

  • GNNS means Global Navigation Satellite System in English. The GNSS system uses a constellation of at least 32 satellites orbiting the earth making it possible to determine location, speed, altitude, direction and time. Nowadays, the majority of satellite phones are equipped with this technology.

  • During the registration process, you will be asked to add your details: name, +alias, number and an icon picture. After this, the service is ready to be used and your profile will be internally linked to the satellite phone number registered. The server recognizes you by your registered phone number. You can then add your guest users to receive your messages. The invitation mail for guest users will be sent automatically during registration. If they wish to respond or see your location on the map, they must access it via the Satway Pro mobile phone app. They can then access the service, write or reply to you and see your position.

  • It is currently fully supported for IOS and Android devices.

  • Satway Pro is currently available in English and Spanish.

  • Not at the moment.

  • Inmarsat is a International satellite telecommunications company based in United Kingdom, offering global mobile services. It provides voice and broadband data services worldwide, via portable or mobile terminals through 12 geostationary satellites.

    Iridium is a International company based in United States which operates a satellite constellation, a system of 66 active satellites in movement used for worldwide voice and data communications. The Iridium network is unique, covers 100% of the Earth.

    Thuraya is a International company based in the United Arab Emirates, it provides mobile voice and data services to more than 110 countries in Europe, Middle East, North, Central and East Africa, Asia and Australia through 3 geostationary satellites.

  • Satway Pro service is provided by Verasat, an official distributor of the products and services of Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya. Verasat is an independent company located in the sunny Mediterranean city of Barcelona (Spain).


  • Basic security is applied to access to the service using a user name and password. The service uses the HTTPS encryption security protocol to prevent sensitive information being obtained by an unauthorized third party. If you try to register a terminal with a phone number that is already registered, the service will not let you continue.

    Authentication Users of Satway Pro mobile application are authenticated using Digits from Twitter, a service used to ensure that the user’s phone number is valid: An application user without a valid phone number won’t be able to send messages using the gateway. The user’s e-mail address is also required. The communication between the apps and the servers is resolved using the OAUTH authentication protocol, ensuring user passwords aren’t shared or saved.

    Authorization Only the valid users of the Satway Pro mobile app can use the Satway servers to send messages. Messages sent without the valid OAUTH tokens are discarded, so the server cannot be used as a spam relay to send messages to satphone users.

    Secure communication: HTTPS Communication is secured between apps and servers using encrypted information transport.

    Gateway security Security related to Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya gateway usage. Every satellite operator has its own security firewall to protect their network from cyber and spam attacks.

    IP logging and debugging information Gateway usage is logged in rolling appended files, providing detailed information about usage. Logging also includes the IP of the application client.

    Account Usage Statistics The Satway Pro solution gathers usage statistics from users, providing information to detect abuse of the service, including the messages sent to satellite phones using gateways.


  • All servers needed for the operations Satway Pro service are located in Germany and the UK (European Community). Some auxiliary servers may be hosted abroad for capacity and redundancy reasons.

  • The Satway Pro concept is to keep data to a minimum time as far as possible. For this reason, data information such as text and voice messages to the contacts or group chats are stored in a decentralized way on user devices, instead of on a Satway Pro server. Our servers assume the role of a switch: messages and data get forwarded, but not permanently stored. However, below we explain what kind of data we store, and for how long.

    Messages: When a message has been successfully delivered to the recipient, it is deleted from the server. This operation is executed after 14 days.

    Geolocations; We keep these for 180 days for security & rescue purposes.

  • Yes. There are two possibilities when writing a message:

    Public: all messages from a contact or users will be visible for the whole group in the chat group to all contacts (default option).

    Private: messages sent to the contact will not be visible for the other users. The contact can then reply to a private message individually.

  • The service assigns a username to each user the first time the Satway Pro app is downloaded. This information is added by default when senders sends messages, so it is easy to know who is writing with the username.

  • Public

    The username and name of the service appears.  Example:


    The sender’s personal e-mail address appears. Example:

  • Yes. If you are the account manager, you can add users or delete them from the group chat. Once removed, they will no longer be able to communicate with you.

  • Accounts are suspended for violations of the terms and conditions of service or spamming. We have a fair use policy and we block users and contacts who abuse the service.

  • Service availability is immediate once the account has been properly set up. The Satway Pro service is not developed for emergency purposes.